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Traditional Food of West Sumatra

Hi friends, i want to tell you about the traditional food of west sumatra. I came from central java but i like to eat sate padang. Java language says sate padang is “weeenaaakkk tenan” hehe. Sate padang is one of the delicious food that i like. Do you like to eat sate padang?  if you have not been eating sate padang, please try to eat it. Sate padang is one of the famous food of the region of west sumatra in indonesia. Make sate padang is use a special recipe of padang. Every region in west sumatra, has its own characteristic sate padang overal,but overal the same material used. How to make sate padang?  is beef or buffalo meat smothered in sauce famous yellow. Yellow sauce is a mixture of rice flour with broth offal, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, galangal root, cumin and salt. Sate padang known with high choresterol levels but sate padang in west sumatra food is still delicious and tempting. The price of a one portion of sate padang is thirteen thousand rupiah.

This is a sate padang,  traditional food of west sumatra in indonesia, i very very love it. I hope you try to eat sate padang and delicious tasting on the tongue. thankyou friends~



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